Mad and disparate

Mad and Desparet

ኢትዮጵያዊነት በመወለድ ሳይሆን በመጠመቅ ነው


What could be more fanaticism than this? The recent conversion of some 20 Orthodox Christians prists into Islam causes outrage among its follower and they are throwing into Muslims what ever they could to upset and provoke Muslims. especially in Addis Abba the so called Orthodox Christians openly challenging the Ethiopian Government and its constitution by driving unconstitutional activities around the city. These anti-peace activities challenging the Muslims tolerance in Addis Ababa however, the Muslims in Addis Ababa have shown a greater restrain for these provocative actions. Meanwhile the Muslims representatives and some government authorities including the new Mayer of Addis Ababa administration Ato Kuma Demeksa hold meeting with Muslims last Thursday and praised the patient that Muslims shown through this troubling time.  

 During the meeting the Authorities have praised and encourage the Muslims to bare their patient for the sake of peace and stability.  Whoever the Muslim criticized the authorities for their luck of response and warned the authorities to take measures as soon as possible before it’s out of hand.  Before the meeting end the authorities have promised to take all the necessary steps and informed that they will have similar meeting on Friday with Orthodox Church leaders whom part of these hate propaganda. 

Similar anti-Islamic agendas are driven by these fanatics in Gonder city. The VOA has reported but they skipped from telling the truth. Muslims in Gonder have been subjected for repression of centuries abuse and exclusion than any other communities within the country after few years relative peace and tranquility their life once again uncertain. Many mosques in Gonder has been badly damaged by these fanatics the windows and the roof of these mosques shattered the local youth still guarding the mosques from further damage. The government still trying to solve the problem but still there is no final decision because of the luck of willingness from those fanatics.