The End of the world from Ethiopia


I am not familiar with these even in hide park London where free speechs are freely intertain.  However, these are an Ethiopian churchs within Ethiopia which have been preached these hate propagandas.  What is next for that country? if these were  Muslims they would have been called terrorists, fanatics, fundamentalists you name it all the ugly names that would be given to muslims to attack with or with out any tought . The gouvernment also would have said with  diplomatic languages unconstitutional, undemocratic so and so…However, these are the church teachers so they are not considered as danger for inland security of WAR ON TEROR   . What do you call it this?  In fact this is the church’s principle for centuries and it was contained inside the church this time it overflows across the street and in every home. Where we are heading towards?  Who is going to stop the Church’s terrorist activities? Who openly preached unconstitutional and inhuman teaching?  Who will tell them they are on the wrong side of the track which can deriled the countries development and the fragaile peace .  I suppose if these contineus in this way this is going to be  too dangerous to everyone and be ready to the dooms day to begin in Ethiopia.  Muslims tolerance has been tested and challenged.   I am fear of the future how dangerously pushed things to the limit in fact Muslims have been portrayed as evil and as a destructive force however that is the other way round its quite enough to remember from the history book how the Europeans where in dark times when the church administrate the nations and that is why they called it the dark age.  In fact this historical fact still recognized in Europe as the most destructive and deprived for science and philosophy. Please click here to follow   Nejashi OJ