Ethiopia needs peace

What do really we Muslims need at this very defining time in our entire existence? Since 9/11 Muslims in different part of the world are in the shadow of constant fear and uncertainty.   the fanatic Christians groups digging every opportunity to inject their venom into the peaceful people of all over the world.  So we Ethiopians are not exempted from this dangerous mission.  Especially the african continent and Muslim world has been their best target for conflict and spreading their imperialistic approach for conquering the world with their unholy mission.  For the past 6 or 7 years the Ethiopian Muslims are under constant abuse and suffering from these fanatic groups.   We have been reported all those different method of provocations and prosecutions.  

These are still continued to be the case and the recent declaration of war on Muslims is not new but it is a continuity of trend which has been for so many years.  What we Muslims should do and what is the way out with out getting into conflict and more of the blood shade.  As these groups and individuals are attacking our fundamental believes and our peace how we can bring long lasting peace and confidence to the country that is lucking some? EEJ has something to say