At list he is gone

Ethiopian Muslims eventually relived of the notorious gangsters Elias Reedman and his team.  The news was surfaced for the past few weeks however, those gangster groups have been officially disbanded this week and 11 newly unknown people’s coronation took place in Arat Killo.  So far there is no full detail of these selected individuals who will lead the country’s 40 million Muslims for the next few or so years.  TPLF’s inappropriate behavior of hiring and firing plays for the disunity among Ethiopian Muslims in this very dire situation in the country with religious provocation and abuses increasing on Muslims.  There is a very tiny hope among Muslims in Addis Ababa the situation to be different regarding Muslims interest even though some still optimistic the situation to be better than what it used to be under Elias’s leadership. Nejashi OJ has added some information regarding those individuals and their position.   position.