Can it be justified?


With related to the ongoing religious violence around Ethiopia many Orthodox Church followers and other misguided Ethiopian tries to bring for justification the Jimma incident as it was instigated by Muslims to cover up the embarrassment of their church violence tactic.  Before the video’s report came out 9 Muslims were slaughtered on September and Muslims constantly complained for help even before the incident took palace.   However, this has not reached into anyone’s ear until October 20 the day that the horrified massacre took place with those innocent peoples, still that recorded video does not tell us who carry out that crime.  As the one of the victim stated to be some of the criminal gangsters were whom dressed military uniforms.  Even though that there is no independent investigator to verify the incident.  Somehow Muslims found to be soft targets for peoples to point their finger onto.  Please refer to the Nejashi OJ’s reports prior to the video release about the September massacre on Muslims which was ignored by many Medias. 

EEJ wrote an article about “The Truth-Jimma Incident Fact Check” please refer to the article for more information