I am loyal… I can prove…the notorious Elias Deadman


The most hated man in the country among the people to be is Elias Redman.  The notorious Elias Deadman threw all his efforts to please his masters in the most unfashionable and undesirable way.   The former federal mejilis vice chairman and the number one enemy of Ethiopian Muslims tried to prove his loyalty to the ruling part TPLF by accusing and attributing wrong names to the country’s 40 million Muslims.  This final attempt came after the federal mejlis has been disbanded for more than two weeks and at the same time the government completed the selection process of its loyalist to serve the next few years as Elias Redman did with total submission not for their creator but to the TPLF.  This reality saddened the Muslims community inside the country and outside.  In the most volatile time for country’s peace and security selecting the very enemy of their own means no hope to progress of harmony and mutual respect among followers of other faiths.  As we knew that the Elias’s gang’s members put many Muslims into jails those who define their authority and capability to rule. 

Meanwhile the head of the Orthodox Church leader Abune Pawlos plea the government to bring back his mate Elias to destruction of the Muslims Umma and to endanger the secular constitution.  This loyal cadre knew that Elias is the best man for his ambitious agenda to make Ethiopia as a Christian Island and to return the past undesirable church influence on the country more than what they already possess.   However his attempt doesn’t have a chance and there are other cadres selected for the position.  As soon as we get the news we will inform you.  And you can read the whole Redman’s interview with Admas news paperAmharic