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Who are the Mahber Kudusans? What are their objectives?…some analyst  have been studying these organized gang groups through their recent actions and statements.  Time goes by it becomes very clear that their intention and objectives through their tireless effort to disrupt the country’s peace and stability by violence.  However their plan seems relentless but their best chance for violence almost decapitated after the departure of Mr. Georg W. Bush and his neo-conservatives who gave United State a bad reputation.  Since the new administration came to power America seems restoring its respect across the globe and those pupates gangs from Ethiopia couldn’t play these blame games and naming innocent Muslims as Terrorist and so…on that game is over but still they are  in continuous effort to restore what they have lost some 35 years ago.  Their mission and objectives has become clear to every person including to the Ethiopian Government however, the government has to be more attentive of their political mission and their agenda not as a religious organization but wolves within sheep’s skin.  They have clearly undermined the constitutions and the government’s effort to restore peace in various part of the country.  EEJ has more to say please read