Network of Ethiopian Muslims is a leading Diaspora Ethiopian Muslims organization with a mission to create an effective and sustainable Network that enables Ethiopian Muslims comes together and coordinate their activities with the view to contribute their share to the betterment of their society and their country. 1447831665_76913ddee4_mIt strives to contribute its share towards the realization of a democratic Ethiopia where all its citizens, irrespective of their race, belief or political opinion, enjoy peace, security, freedom, justice, equal right & responsibilities in all spheres of life, be it social, economical or political.

As a means to advance this mission, the network is finalizing preparation to hold its first ever conference in Göteborg – Sweden from April 10 – 12, 2009. All Ethiopian Muslims are cordially invited to participate in this historic event. To learn more about the program, and detailed information on how to take part, please click here.