First Hijraa foundation has organized a massive protest before the Ethiopian embassy in Washington DC protesting the ongoing religious provocation on Muslims, the 2007 census and many other human right violations even though ended peacefully. dsc_1160 Many of the protesters expressed their concern and fears to the government of Ethiopia and hoped that the government would take measures against those fanatics who insulted the Prophet Mohammed and Islam.  They also urge the authorities to take measures on those fanatics who deliberately try to inflame the situation for their political agendas.  Among the protesters is the founder of the first hijra foundation president Mr. Nejib Mohammed and other prominent figures where participated.   Further more you can read the statment which was released from the foundation

Meanwhile the Ethiopian representatives in Washington DC invited some of the protester in meeting hall which was facilitated by the Ethiopian embassy within its premises and discussed varies issues in a very progressive and positive manner also promised to deliver the message to the authorities.  According to our sources during the protest some of the political motivated groups attempted to join the group with their antigovernment slogan however, they failed to deliver their message across. Also some sources suggest the groups were to create heat within the Ethiopian government and the protesters but it is not verified from independent sources the core motive. 

VOA has also reported from Washington DC according to the news report that hundreds of protesters participated in this massive demonstration, also interviewed Mr. Wondimu Asaminew representative from the embassy.  Mr Asaminewe has stressed that the protesters were in a very civilized manner also lesson should be learnt from this peaceful demonstration.  He also highlighted the points that brought forward from the protester.  We will update you as soon as we get the full information