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For some of the countries giant institution such as Ethiopian Air lines and the national Bank of Ethiopia the continuous imagesca0m8j6feffort of modernizing the country’s image and portraying the sprite of unity and equality seems out of their agenda.  What agitate me to write this article was what I have watched on the TV this is what happened first when I watched the Ethiopian Air line advertising on a major news network I was felt proud and happy but when I rewind Inside my mind all those beautiful images that I saw on the screen a kind of hold on… what was I saw?… Question popped up on my head… Ethiopian Flag great, beautiful nature of that virgin land, monks on meskel square nice, the proudly tall standing Axum and Lalibela hmm guess what there was nothing which represent my value as a Muslim apart from Axum and the beautiful flag why did they left out the Historical Harar wall or Nejashi or at list the 1.6millions massive eid prayers picture just anything which represent me as an Ethiopian Muslim.

Is it not something to be questioned? Or is it just complains as it is not fundamental rights to be raised as major issues?  I personally believe I am a human being I have to demand what I felt is my rights.  The predicament that most of us we have these days are that the unusual Ethiopian Muslims questioning every values which are associated with the Orthodox Church and abstaining every values belongs to Muslims.  I believe every human being should not be suppressed and as the people of one nation peoples should be respected and treated equally although their values.

The people of greater integrity, scholars, writers and all concerned citizens of Ethiopians we have to change the course of History.  No nation will be great while committing racism or by suppressing others who doesn’t share the same values, perhaps we could advance and liberated from starvation and hanger with mutual respect and stronger unity.  In fact Some Progressive Christian Ethiopians do share my concern but still the lack of practicality often occurred during the process, this mean from physical change of the element until putting it as an idea on paper.   As a concerned Ethiopian not as a scholar or writer we need to differentiate the countries past and the reality on the ground.  Ethiopia is changing the changes are real perhaps not for our hard work or our mind is advanced differently but with the influence of global phenomena.  No doubt our mind will be advancing for good or bad but still we should be focusing for the survival of this great nation of ours.

Injustice should be replaced with equality, respect; fear and anxiety should be eroded with understanding which many of non Muslims Ethiopians always struggled with.  I have no doubt there are many peace loving individuals out there still the lack bridging the gap is often hard. 

Let’s come to the core point which I rose at the beginning of this article.  Why Ethiopian air line carry’s our unique flag?  Meanwhile promoting one side of our proud history and ignoring the other part of our proud identity?  These are the elements which reflect the injustice and isolation of one group of the population.  Don’t let the injustice to prevail, those who don’t want injustice to be committed on them how do they promote what they straggled for against.

Ethiopian air line or any of the other national institutions should bear responsibility of their action from polarizing the citizens.  Take step and visualize the real Ethiopia be for the changing world our time is different than those of our ancestors we cannot live by the past but pave the road to the future. Change is on the horizon be ready as boys scouts says “be prepared” so be prepared for the change.