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Muslims in Addis Ababa are under siege

Muslims from all part of Ethiopia and particularly from Addis Ababa is under constant watch by big brother to be arrested at any time soon.  Last week we have alerted the underground work of preparation for the arrest of more than 100’s of Muslims scholars, business peoples and NGO’s the plan was in its final stage just waiting a command of action to be executed.  The latest information suggested foreigners who are Muslims for visit or as Islamic missionaries will be arrested and deported and such actions are already began last night by deporting few foreign individuals whom found inside the mosque within Addis Ababa. 

All young Muslims are worried they might be the target if they found anywhere in the mosque learning the Qur’an or teaching it one of the student informed me over the phone.  This latest discrimination and isolation of Muslims is not new however, the continued effort which has been planned for so long. Nejashi OJ has more detail on this latest outrage of anti-Muslims plan.