This conference is the first of its kind in Europe when Ethiopian Muslims gathered to discuss various issues.   At the opening ceremony many of its European Muslim flew from different state nations and arrived on time even some arrived as early as Monday 3 days ahead of the conference opening.  The program was chaired by Brother Mohammed Hassan who is a veteran on the straggle of Ethiopian Muslim rights also a leading figure on the 1974 the famous Muslim demonstration which was organized by the Students which he was part of.

Also the leader of the hosting community Mr Abdulkerim  from Göteborg (Sweden) has made his welcome speech behalf of the Goteberg community he has also wished the gathering to benefit from the conference  and hoped this opportunity to be taken forward in struggle to the Ethiopian Muslims right and  their religious freedom back home.   Then the program followed by the Chair man of the Network Abiye Yassin on his speech he thanked the conference organizers and the gust.  The chairman also told the gathering how this journey all began, where it stands and where its direction for the future.

The conference atmosphere was electrifying there were speeches made by different religious scholars including the well known and loved Sheik Ali from Kenya whom traveled miles to the conference as well as Sheik Muktar from Manchester U.K.  After the scholars speech the program ended for the day.  We are hoping to inform you the coming two days activity…