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From April 10-12 NEME had its first annual conference in Goteborg Sweden.  Many of its conference organizing committees were not sure of its outcome however it was more than what has been expected.  One of the organizing committee from Sweden told me that it is simply a success stories. neme-confrence-51Despite short notice of the conference date that many participant flew to Goteborg.  Many observers said that this conference clearly indicates how much Ethiopian Muslims eagerly anticipating to organize under one umbrella organization. 

The past few years NEME has been the driving force in organizing Muslims community in every corner.  NEME creates many discussion panels for Ethiopian Muslims in recent time such as organizing tele conference, pal talk discussion form and attending other Islamic conferences in North America.  During the conference many unheard voices and unseen personalities popped up to the conference they also showed strong interest to participate in the process of strengthening NEME. For full report on the conference please click here.