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In Addis Ababa Police fired live ammunition on students and two shot  

 24/04/2009: Muslims students from all higher institution around the country protested against the systematic abuse by their university and college teachers.   During the protest many students were bitten by security forces and taken into custody.  Among them a pregnant student was badly beaten and taken into hospital and still remains critical.   After the mass arrest fewer released even though, the where about of 100 of students still unknown.  According the eye witness account that the students were protesting in a very peaceful manner but the security forces viciously interfered and began firing automatic rifles and begin beating them up with police bat.  A number of students badly injured and taken into hospital and also two students shot down by direct gun fire and sustain injury.  Until last night their conditions were unknown. 

All began after the Dessie University students expelled from the university’s two campuses for their Islamic dressing cods.  For 3 consecutive years Muslim students were abused and discriminated in these two campuses eventually they were forced to take shelter nearby mosque.  According to one of the students when she expressed her bitter experience within the university, it is simply despicable and racist.   We are simply Muslim students who practice our religious duty and our rights according to the country’s constitution and we have violated none of the rules or any laws.  

Ethiopia is well known for its discrimination on Muslims however, Islam still on the growth according to the CIA fact book 2006 Muslims in the country consist almost 45-50 % of from the total population however this figure still seems lower for most.  More to follow on the situation.