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Barack Obama’s paternal grandmother, Sarah Obama US President Barsarah-obamaack Obama’s paternal grandmother, Sarah Obama, will perform hajj this year along with her son Syed Obama. According to a private TV channel, the 85-year-old Sarah and Syed Obama are scheduled to visit Dubai before traveling to Mecca for the annual pilgrimage in November.

Performing hajj is one of the most desired wishes of the US president’s randmother, the channel added. Mrs. Obama was invited by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) property tycoon Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim to perform the hajj.

“I found out that she had not been to the Hajj, and that she very much wants to go,” the Hydra Properties chief executive officer said. “As my own mother is no longer with us, our family has a spare place. So I invited her and she has accepted,” Al Fahim added. “I’m very much looking forward to it.”

Kenyan Sarah Obama, a Muslim known locally as “Mama Sarah”, is an active participant in welfare and charity programs. She lives in Kogelo, a tiny village can afford to do so. It is a demonstration of the solidarity of the Muslim people, and their submission to Allah (God).