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Ethiopian war heroes honoured but not ashamed of the discrimination and disproportion of racisms on recruiting members within Ethiopian armed force.  I have no disrespect what so ever for those individuals who honoured as a hero.  Ethiopian armed force the past or the present has policy of discrimination among its own citizens.  Once there was an email circulated around by GINBOT 7 movements that was heavily critical of the current government’s recruitment to the post within the armed force and their position as racist and biased.  However, by comparison the current armed forces are much more diverse than the previous one.  As a Muslims I just looked at it from religious prospective and Ethiopian armed forces were by far racist than anywhere on earth.  I was reading on the news just days before the article that was published on Ethiomedia, that the French armed forces was preparing a hajj trip to its military personal  to Saudi Arabia by comparison with my fellow Ethiopians its unthinkable even to be Muslim and recruited to a significant post during the previous regimes .    In fact this racist views and practises are dangerous trend to follow who ever think Ethiopia is a nation of multi ethnic and religious nation.  

I was keen to go through the names of military personals proudly published on Ethiomedia  to my surprise I found one Muslims name among more than 150 names.  The direction of the country Ethiopia seems unknown on regard to issue addressing ethnic and religious diversity.   We all knew with certainty that Ethiopian Muslims consists at list half of the Ethiopian population but why there is no mutual respect among the people of these two major religions Islam and Christianity?

I think it won’t be long before the courses of history changes in that country but for now the discrimination remain intact to those who are pleased to do so.  What so ever the oppressed will never remain oppressed but they will set themselves free.