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Unity is strength.  When the sand grains unite they become a vast desert.  When the sea drops unite they become a boundless ocean.  The seven colors emerge in the shape of a bewitching rainbow so on… Almighty Allah in the Quran says that the division of people in the races and clans is only for their introduction.  The best one out of them is the man of piety. Dr. Mohammad Ali Al-khuli in his book titled “The Light of Islam” writes. “Islam is the greatest unifying force in the world.  It is a religion to all humans regardless of color, race and language.  It is a religion that tolerates other religions and orders its followers to respect and protect all humans.” According to a Hadith of the Holy Prophet all persons belong to Adam and Adam was from soil.  The racial discrimination has been strictly prohibited in Islam.  In the last sermon from the Mount of Arafat the Holy Prophet had clearly announced that no Arab has any superiority over a non-Arab; or the white over the black.

Based on the above Quranic advice and the Prophets sayings unity is indeed an essential aspect of all groups for their advancement and development.  Amongst Ethiopian Muslims the essence of unity has been lost for centuries.   In actual fact Ethiopian elites groups purposely destroyed the unity of Muslims by dividing on ethnic lines for centuries as one of the invited guests eloquently put it.  So, from this fact the Muslims unity has been a threat for Christian’s highlanders for centuries however, Islam is the perfect religion in tolerating and harmonizing differences unlike other religions actually this is established fact from history.

The program was the most vibrant and exhilarating many expressed their delight and contentment by means of poem and menzuma others by sprinkled roses on the lobby.  Many scholars urged Muslims to be united and gave educational lecture on broad subjects. 

Indeed the credit is all due to Bilal Communication Inc. who initiates and sponsored the scheme.  The program was designed for two days and more than twenty well known and loved scholars invited to give lecture.  Bilal Communication Inc is an organization dedicated in disseminating of information to all by means of radio TV and internet.   Currently Bilal Inc, running Radio Bilal and Bilal Show a TV program running twice a week in collaborating with ebs TV.   

The absence of unity brings and breeds disruption, devastation and disputes.  “The Muslims are like a body; if one limb aches, the whole body aches.”  Then the Messenger of Allah says; “whoever does not care about the affairs of the Muslims is not one of them.” Most scholars clearly focused on stressing on the issue of unity and brotherhood.  The program is currently on progress and we will further report more on the topic InshAllah.