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A fire engulfed Tebarek Mosque and the house of the Imam at the heart of the capital Addis Ababa Ethiopia in an area called Mexico. The fire destroyed part of the mosque that was used by women’s, the house of the Imam as well as all the books the Imam use with his student’s also many unpublished scripts written by the .

According to the News reported by Radio Bilal the Federal officials are reluctant to investigating the cause of the fire.  The fire that started overnight at the site of the mosque also consumed the house of the Imam, the imam says I wake up after I heard a voice and went out to see what is going on however, immediately the smoke caught my attention to see the huge smoke that comes out of the roof was shoking and the fire was already spread all over the roof and fortunately I manage to evacuate my family.    The Imam said on an interview for the radio bilal as well as live transmitted interview in the pal talk room he said I’m unable to save my property but Allah preserved my family without serious incident except few bruises I received no one seriously injured.

In fact the federal police and the fire brigade arrived at the spot and prevented the fire from spreading to other areas.  Even though, the police didn’t close the scene for investigation from potential contamination to help establish the cause of the fire.  Nevertheless, later on reluctantly designates an officer to interview the Imam and took the information but no potential suspect at the moment.

The people who would use that mosque have been there for more than three decades, and have worshiped and lived peacefully in the community all that time.  But this is not a new episode in the country to see and hear Mosques burned here and there almost two years ago in the area called shiro meda and hana mariam Mosques were burned down in the capital Addis Ababa.  Moreover the burning of eight Mosques were just few weeks ago in Gurage zone.

It was the 10th such attack since last two years and it is a very serious incident which the government should view at utmost gravity.  This is a national security issue that no one can afford such potential instigation for social and religious instability in already volatile region.