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After almost 30 years of dictatorship finally, the Hero’s of Egypt ousted their last pharaonic monarchy.  I’m proud of those people’s determination and commitment they have shown in Tehrir square.  A big chunk of credit to Al-Jazeera news Network staffs, its anchors, camera men/women and correspondences who dedicated everything without partiality and shown to the world professional journalism and reporting that none of the medias shown us before.  this is a revolution coincided with the celebration of the 32nd anniversary of Iranian victory over the dictator.

Egyptians are indeed freed from Hosni Mubarak’s regime brutality and decades of humiliations.  The future seems bright for Egyptians and full of hope for the country as a whole.  It seems the dignity and respect of the Arabs in the process of restoration by its young generation.  Tunisia’s jasmine revolution inspired the Egyptians youth but it wasn’t an easy ride, in fact it was with many ups and downs nevertheless a lesson to the world “no pain no gain”.

For the past eighteen days I was mute from writing,  just watching TV and following on the internet from my pc screen day and day out but never missed the daily events in Tehrir square.  Today I’m also felt liberated and relived whoever comes next it is not going to be Mubarak or similar.  As President Obama said today we have seen history unfold even though that it was 24hours later but still we have witnessed when history made.

I’m sure after years of suffocation by Mubarak and Israel the Palestinians in Gaza will soon get air to breathe in and breathe out .  Hope is in the air…