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David  Arnold                                                                                                                                        Chief, Horn of Africa
Voice of America                                                                                                                           330 Independence Avenue SW                                                                                 Washington DC 20237

Dear Sir David Arnold

This time I represent none other than myself and this is my personal appeal to you.  As you may remember once I have complained regarding your Amharic broadcasting staff on Oct. 12 / 2009 broadcasting of VOA their gravely mistaken conception “in portraying Christians as indigenous to the land of Ethiopia and Muslims as foreign…” During that period you obviously defended those wrongdoers but once again they transgress the law and moral value that the United States of America cherish.

Time and time again VOA Amharic broadcasters demonstrated their unmistakably partial, irrational, incompetent, unethical, and unprofessional conduct.  For the past few days these groups have been stirring violence and hate among Muslims and Christians in Ethiopia by reporting exaggerated numbers of Churches burnt down by Muslims. Moreover their intentional assertion of foreign involvement in the incident was indeed absurd and heart breaking to the millions of Ethiopian VOA listeners.   Undoubtedly such inaccurate and plain lie tarnishes the image of the VOA and U.S.  Decades of our dependence on VOA for domestic Ethiopian and world news has truly faded and VOA’s integrity as a reliable news outlet worthy of attention is being shattered by your Amharic service staffs.

Surly blazing places of worship whether it be 1 or 53, even one is one too many, indeed that is evil and I condemn such action in the strongest terms.  As regards to the story, disturbed by the event, I personally contacted people from the area by phone to verify this appalling tragedy and to ascertain if there were 53 churches in the area and its environs.  Of course the answer was no, in fact you don’t need my words to believe just Google it yourself to locate the place and find out how small it is.  Unfortunately VOA never reported the arson attack that consumed eight mosques in Gurage Zone known as MUHUR and AKLIL woreda / in two districts south of Addis Ababa, or another similar attack against Tebarek Mosque at the  heart of Addis Ababa, it wasn’t even long ago, it was just last December.

If this is not biased and unjust what is?  If this is not prejudiced, partial and irresponsible what is?  Certainly this is not the firm belief of those heroes of United State of America who sacrificed their life in times of injustice.  This great nation was not just built by dreams but by dedication to the truth and justice.   Ignoring unfairness committed in United State soil or elsewhere by its taxpayer’s money is simply dishonest, unacceptable and a betrayal of trust to this respected nation.

Dear Sir, I’m deeply saddened and disappointed by your previous response, nevertheless, I’m also confident and certain that you will always remain truthful and righteous.  Even if you are reluctant to take action against those irresponsible, I am personally appealing to you to scrutinize and find out the truth for yourself. In a nut shell, the recent contradictory, inaccurate and overblown reports by VOA Amharic team are absolutely incorrect and biased and also give the impression of a deliberate attempt to incite a possible civil war between Ethiopian faith groups.

Dear Sir Once gain I appeal to you to stand for the truth and truth alone against injustice and falsehood.   Thank you.

Best Regard

Yours Elias R. HUSSIEN