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In less than three months after the Ethiopian federal Affairs Minister Shifera W/mariam’s announcement to follow Ahbash or face the consequence the first victim became the 2009 Bahrdar University Chemistry department Award winner and Muslims students Amir .   The incident took place in the town of worota/ Gondor Monday 17 October 2011 evening between 7:30-8:00 he was hit at the back of his head by an axe.  After the Ethiopian government securities forces gave unconditional support for the group they began intimidating and threatening even killing those who do not follow them.  This tactical approach in their war on Islam and Muslims seems well orchestrated and designed to looks like Muslims against Muslims.  Al-ahbash group is the prime suspect of the crime which is an instrument for the government crime against Ethiopian Muslims.

The group “Ahbash” is a sect based in Lebanon but his founder was an Ethiopian /Lebanese who died of natural death in2008.  However he claimed that his teaching was the only authentic teaching of Islamic faith even thought that non of the Islamic countries accept, share his view or his interpretation of Islam.

On this Murder case the government of Ethiopia is the only and direct responsible body.  The government and the securities personals participated in the sect’s indoctrination process by giving legal and financial support.  Few weeks ago  the government also invited 15 Ahbash leaders from Lebanon to the indoctrination process of the sect and the government organised two consecutive workshops in participation with the Ethiopian Islamic Supreme council “mejlis” which is part of the government’s security apparatus.

In related news yesterday 19 October 2011 from two different mosques 11 peoples were taken by the security men.  There are rumours suggested that they are in the notorious maekelawi prison yet officially its unknown where their about is.