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The PM Meles Zenawi linked the legitimate questions of Ethiopians Muslims with Al-Noor salafi political party in Egypt and, also mentioned Syria, Yemen, and Libya but yet not clear how they are correlated each other.  According to many commentators the PM Zenawi actually tried to avert from the main issue and used scare mongering technique to frighten non Muslim .

In the 25th regular session of the House of Peoples’ Representatives in Addis Ababa the PM Zenawi tried to responds to the current issues that rose by Muslims in the country.  The PM actually averted from the legitimate question of Ethiopian Muslims and gave shallow historical analysis on the differences between various Islamic teachings which is an attempt to give crack to its divide and rule practice.

Evading the rightful question of Ethiopian Muslims is not the solution but appropriate respond is.   Tuesday’s parliamentarian question and answer session with the PM Meles Zenawi was an orchestrated hide and seek game.  Whoever watched the session knows that the question posed from one of the parliamentarian was a premeditated.  The reason why I said so, because the Ethiopian Muslims issue was/is not what the parliamentarian asked for but what the PM actually wants to lecture on.

In short the Ethiopian Muslims issue is crystal and clear,

1)      To have an elected Ethiopian Muslims Supreme Council leaders (Mejlis) not handpicked.

2)      Awoliya College is the only Ethiopian Muslims entity and should be independent from any influence.

3)      The government should stop imposing the indoctrination of Lebanon based Ahbash sect and respect the constitutional rights.

Why the PM. Zenawi wants to dodge the issue and talk something else?  Currently the government of Mr Zenawi is suffocated in all corner of his way, inflation, extremely stretched projects, political pressure, lack of foreign investment etc.

The only solution to his survival is to give political space, implement what is on paper in the constitution, and focus on the real issue which is sky rocketing inflation.  The inflation is actually not because of global economical instability as he stressed it rather there isn’t enough agricultural production in the country.