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By Amal

For the past few weeks we witnessed barrage of articles written about Jawar’s view points and unwise comments.  I recognize Jawar’s unfortunate misspoke yet; some face book groups and web sites such as ECADF’s tremendously put efforts which is very hostile toward Jewar.   I advise them to refrain from their futile propaganda’s against the young and vibrant man Jewar Mohamed.  I spoke with many of my friends and they told me that they are concerned about some group’s conduct against Jawar.

In my previous article I clearly stated that I don’t share Jawar’s unwise comments and also indicated that he is not the only person to make mistakes. Relatively speaking, Jawar is a young man just in his twenties who does not assume any formal public office but more experienced political leaders and elders did countless mistakes but their devilish comments deliberately ignored or dawn played. To mention few:- the late Professor Asrat woldeyes openly denied the very existence of Muslims in Gonder, his deputy Dejazmach Neqeatibeb in 1996 Frankfurt conference stated the following “Amhara mallet afincha selkaka bibitu yemayshet mallet newe” “አማራ ማለት አፍንጫ ሰልካካ ብብቱ የማይሸት ነው” Aboy sibhat also proudly said that they shattered Amhara and the Orthodox Church forever. What worse could be then said than this?  Yet, on the above remarks, no one commented in such magnitude the manner they did on Jewar even if they ever commented at all.

The intensity of hatred and systematic attack directed to this young man and skilful moves to incriminate particular ethnic and religion group has made it evident that the intention and ultimate goal of people who have been engaged in this disproportionate attack is not about seeking justice but, to shatter the recently emerged fragile unifying climate among various Ethiopian nation and nationalities or religious groups’ by fermenting mistrust.

From my point of view, the two weeks coordinated malicious campaigns by hate groups have shifted the position of Jewar Mohammed from offender to victim. Therefore, I believe, it is time for any justice loving person to call for immediate cessation of such biased disproportionate attack. For the very fact that such treacherous campaign is launched to create animosity between Muslims and Christians, it is high time for leaders and followers of both religions to stand firm and condemn such disproportionate attack before it turns from individual to community based conflict as intended by perpetrators.

Ironically, most of people who have passionately engaged in this divisive campaign are those who preach unity among us (we Ethiopians). However, the current campaign in which they have forcefully involved demonstrates as they never internalised the concept of unity that recognizes the inherent diversity of our beloved nation. This group is highly sceptical about inspiring young woman or man with new, provocative and sometimes controversial views. Though the group ceaselessly call for unity of all Ethiopians to remove TPLF regime, it’s failure to recognise other views, diversity and new vision has made it perfect instrument of auto destruction that ruthlessly smashes visionary and apparently controversial elements that emerges within its camp and contribute to perpetuation of injustice inflicted on our people.

This is a clear indication that the unity of Ethiopians in Diaspora which began to pop up could be in jeopardy unless all parties pose for a moment and carefully assess their moves on the basis of painful lessons learned so far so that these cancer cells of intolerance would not cause another devastating damage to the sprouting unity cells.

At this very critical juncture of our struggle for unity against TPLF’s atrocious felony, deliberately or ignorantly ignited internal fights within opposition would only give relive and a breathing space to TPLF.  I have firm believe that we Ethiopians have learned enough from our past mistakes and its devastating outcomes and jealously keep and nurture the new emerged sprit of unity and move forward to bring rule of law to our beloved nation.