5 thoughts on “Videos”

  1. Dr. Lapisso is great true honest Ethiopian scholar not adulterated by the fanatic Christian

  2. pleas Dr do u know yr great great grand parent?

  3. very good speech i thank you sir

  4. Portugues who wanted the Red Sea control which was under the Ottoman Turks, stationed their diplmats in Gondar advising habesha kings to expand terriotory.
    Imam Ahmed’s aim was to stop for once and all time, the constant incurssion of Abyssinian Christian forces into Muslim territories thereby terrorizing the people, looting crops and cattle, burning mosques , kidnapping Muslim men and women and children to sell them as slaves. Eventually, bring under christian control northeast Africa.

  5. I don’t agree with Dilebo’s view that Imam waged the war to convert Christians to Islam. As explained above, he waged the war to stop the portugues plan of taking the Red Sea.

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